Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Why is your Meal Prep cheaper than other options in the market?

    Our produce is locally sourced allowing us to buy in bulk,this makes it cheaper for us to purchase and so we can sell this on at a more affordable rate. Furthermore, we are a family run business and so costs are lower for us in comparison to others in the industry.

  • What sort of meals can you offer me?

    Our menu is vast and ever improving. For our meal prep, the menu we create is bespoke and relevant to you and your goals. We have created meals for individuals struggling to live healthier with diabetes, vegans, Celiac’s, slimming world members, Vegetarian meal prep and those who don’t have the time to maintain a healthier lifestyle.
  • How can I lose weight with Edibell’s meals?

    We do a lot of research before adding to the menu. Every ingredient is scrutinized before being added to our healthy meal prep meals. We count all the macro’s for your meal should you need a specific amount of calories, and we ensure our weight loss plans are low in fat to ensure you reach your ultimate goals. 

  • How do you know which foods are best?

    We are a family of successful athletes, sports people, nutritionists and caterers. Combined, we have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of what it takes to have and create a healthy and balanced diet. We felt frustrated with the market at present for not accommodating for the range of individuals who want to look after themselves and we formed Edibell with the ideology that we would be a bespoke meal prep service who can create a plan and implement this for any individual who enquires.

  • How are the meals cooked and how to eat them?

    Our meals are cooked on the day of delivery to ensure they are delivered as fresh as possible. They are delivered in microwavable and freezable meal prep containers. We advise that three days worth of meals are kept in the fridge and the remainder are frozen until they are ready to be eaten. 

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