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Edibell was born through a family frustrated at what was on offer to us, in terms of healthy eating in the North of the UK. We found it difficult to find fresh food that was affordable.

In addition to this, all the places offering this type of health and fitness food were generic, there was no accommodating for individual needs such as our family which includes lactose intolerance and diabetes. For them it was tough, so it must also be tough for millions of you out there.

We don't want to just offer the standard generic healthy meals, snacks or smoothies, we want to give our customers more, a bespoke personalised service which we would appreciate ourselves. Therefore we give you the option to speak to us, tell us your dietary needs and we can give you something made just for yourself, with that Edibell twist. 

Please make use of our personal email address on site or the question box on the Contact us page, we are here for the experts and the beginners and no question is a stupid one.

Let us pass on our knowledge, our passion and commitment, and we can grow together. You reach your goals and we reach out to more people. You're going to love your journey with Edibell and so will we, Welcome!

How it
all started


From a family of foodies, we have vast experience and knowledge in nutrition, healthy eating and meal prep. We decided to get together to create some affordable meals for you to enjoy at home, and which will cater to your end goal. We have training and knowledge on all there is to know on nutrition and are ready to help you understand your nutritional needs. 


From athletics competing in the Olympics for team GB, breaking European records, training with the best including Linford Christie, to personal training of the rich and famous, we have all the knowledge you need. The most important thing in being healthy starts with your diet, however we can offer so much more support than just your meal prep.

Food Fit For You

Whatever your goal is; Weight loss, Bulking, Being generally healthier, Accommodating busy lives, Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free, Working around diabetes, to name a few, we will create a plan fit to suit anything - Try us!

The Cafe

We are based in Sale, Manchester where we also have a walk-in cafe. Click the link for our location and opening times.

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